Okay, so here’s the deal….I consider myself a fairly decent cook. I know how to boil water, fry up some fish, and even make a pot of rice if necessary. However I have really never been a fan of propane tanks. I know they are quite useful in backyards at cookouts. Even back home in Connecticut I didn’t care too much for them, but they were a lot more economical and efficient instead of using charcoal. I actually like the taste you get from using charcoal on the grill.

Anyway, in our apartments here in Jiangxi University we have propane tanks for our stove (no oven). I just get a little queasy about turning a propane tank on every time I want to cook something. Especially if you hear a little hissing coming from it, know what I mean?

So….I prefer to expand on my Chinese language, go out and meet the world, and come back all in one piece. So there you have it.

Explore the Spirit!


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