I know some of you are wondering….well, what do you eat? How is the food? I must say I have not gone hungry since arriving in Nanchang nearly two weeks ago. I eat very well off of a diet of rice and vegetables, and when I want to mix it up I have vegetables and rice. And, oh yeah, when I REALLY want to explore I get….you guessed it, more rice. LOL

Actually, the vegetables are absolutely fresh and are seasoned with extraordinary peppers and spices. Since I’m in the Southeastern part of China, rice dishes are a staple here. Further north, say around Beijing, you find more noodle dishes. So the food in the restaurants around campus has been quite good. The food at the campus cafeterias are good also. My challenge is identifying what dishes are what ’cause there is absolutely nothing in English. But I’m getting better at knowing what to order. Of course, just as at American colleges and Universities, the students think the campus food has a lot to be desired. But then they eat it 24/7, year after year. However it is still very good.

Next month I intend to purchase a juicer so I can juice carrots, apples, cucumbers, ginger, etc. The apples are the sweetest I’ve ever had and there is a particular one that never fails. We have bananas, apples, grapes (yum), pears and watermellons.

There is also a place called the METRO, located in downtown Nanchang. Teachers have transportation made available to us every Wednesday to go there and pick-up items we need (or crave). The METRO carries many food items for expats, stuff like coffee, jams, butter, cheeses, croissants (yum), and other items that one might  want  – or need. I even got a pint of Haagen-Daz Rum Raison last week. Life is good!

So….more on the food later. I’ll tell why I have yet to cook at my apartment.

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3 thoughts on “What About The Food???

  1. Hey Brother James, so nice to hear that you’re settling in, you keep we captivated and wanting more info about you and Nanchang. Keep posting….I’m checking in and oh yeah–don’t forget to “rice up”. lol


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