Last Saturday three other teachers and I decided to go to downtown Nanchang to see some of the city’s sights. The weather was gorgeous and there were mobs of people out window shopping, browsing the stores and shops, and generally just enjoying a Saturday afternoon in their city. It was like walking along 34th street in Manhattan, or Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Plenty of stores carrying women’s apparel and clothing, very stylish. And the streets were full of young people.

We walked to a park called BaYi Park, which was a beautiful place to be. The closest I’ve of seen to it in America would be Central Park in New York, except this was much, much nicer. It had a rock garden for little children to climb through and play, there were people doing martial arts, some young guys dancing (maybe 20-30 of them), doing dance moves and I can’t even begin to describe…something new for me. Older men playing chess and checkers and people just meandering through the park paths enjoying the beauty of the park and the weather. We’re going back because we didn’t get to see all of the park. It had rides and other activities for children – a real family oriented place.

In the park was a huge lake where you could rent small boats that you powered with your feet – or you rent one with a small engine, and just float around the lake. It just looked so relaxing and peaceful. There were benches and sitting areas throughout for people to sit and have private, intimate conversations. It was really cool.

So here are some pictures of that afternoon.

Explore the Spirit!


One thought on “Downtown Nanchang City and BaYi Park

  1. Thank you for sharing such awesome pictures and your experiences with us. i pray your entire journey in China will be a positive, informative, and wonderful endeavor. God be with you! Much love!


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