Main entrance to residences of international teachers.

Here are some images of the campus. Where I am staying is divided into two campuses – North and South. I reside and will teach on the South Campus. On the North Campus there is a lake in the midst of the campus (which lends to the high degree of humidity!).

Technical Difficulties Resolved!

Well, I’m finally back!! It’s been a week since my departure from America and once getting here I’ve had some serious issues with my internet connection, but all is good now.

So…here is a little something about Nanchang where I’ll be living for at least the next year. This is taken from the welcome brochure given to new teacher arrivals. Since I don’t think I could describe it better, here goes:

“Nanchang means ‘Southern Prosperity’, and is the proud capital of the Jiangxi province. The city provides numerous parks, as well as other historical and cultural sites to explore. In the heart of the city is the Ba Yi Square, commemorating Jiangxi as the birthplace of the People’s Liberation Army with its impressive monument to the Martyrs. Within walking distance of the Square is the mighty Gan River. Situated on the eastern bank of the Gan River is one of the most famous pavilions in China, Tengwangge, which is a stunning example of Tang Dynasty (618-906) architecture.”

I know….you want to see pictures. They will be coming!

Explore the Spirit!


Why African Routes?

I’m sure this is a question some may have when they see the title of this blog. The routes (pronounced roots), of Africa can be found anywhere one looks across our planet. I have had the opportunity to travel to six countries on the African continent, Guyana in South America, and a brief visit to China. Hence the word Routes, which also signifies roots.

Also – as we begin this journey there are some things that will need clarification, such as the name African. The continent was named Africa after al-Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan al-Fasi, also known as Joannes Leo Africanus. Due to the scholarly works produced by Leo Africanus, particularly “A Geographicle Historie of Africa”, Europeans named the continent after him. That was how Black people became known as Africans. In reality the entire planet at one time was called Asia, but more about that later.

So for my journey, for now – as it evolves, I use the name African Routes.

Explore the Spirit!


The day is rapidly approaching…….

So….I’m finally on my way to Africa, but I’m taking the long route – through China. A week from now, on 22 August, I board a flight that will eventually get me into the city of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in southeast China. I’ll be teaching English at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (and hoping to get in some photography as well).

My intent is to have my children and grandchildren come along on this journey through this blog, and if you’re reading this, I invite you to come along also. So here’s to my son Talib, daughters Maisha and Takiyah; my granddaughters Safiya and Subira; my grandsons Dakari, Khalid, Khidar and Bomani; my nephews Tarik and Karim; and my nieces Shakirah and LaTisha.

It should be quite an adventure!

Explore the Spirit!

James L Muhammad