“Think Globally, Act Locally”

Leaving China (temporarily)

After living and working in China for six years it has now come time to return back to America. These past few years have been an amazing experience. I’ve made many new friends, and learned so much about China’s peoples and culture. It’s wonderful to learn about a country and its people firsthand, not just through the eyes of others, and certainly not just by reading books and magazines.

Before leaving China I had the opportunity to visit Leikeng Ancient Village, located in Anhui Province. It was a step back in time with bucolic scenery, very peaceful. More of my images of this location and commentary will be forthcoming in my next photo book, “China: People and Places”. Notice of its release will be posted on this blog.

I will be returning to China very soon, continuing my journeys, meeting other peoples and exploring the culture.

P.S. – While as a foreigner, I had wonderful experiences in my travels throughout China, however I must voice my sorrow and displeasure of what is currently taking place in the western region, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The Muslim population in the west are being subjected to horrendous conditions of bio-metric monitoring and placement in what can only be called modern day concentration camps disguised as “re-education centers”. My prayers are with them daily.

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