Well, I’ve passed my 90 day mark in China…..so I guess that makes me an official employee here 🙂

So far it has been a great adventure. Everyday is a new experience as I get more and more involved with the people and the culture. I can’t say enough about how I admire the students and the effort they put out to get an education. The educational system here is so much different from America, with good and bad points. I must say though that the opportunities our students have in America really cannot be matched. Education is absolutely the foundation for any individual’s success in life and it is unfortunate that many times in America that opportunity is taken for granted. Also, it’s a tragedy when cities and States in America do not provide the BEST opportunities for our youth to succeed.

Students here work extremely hard not just for their individual success, but for the success of their families. They do not want to disappoint their mother, father or grand-parents, who more than likely are living in the countryside. Most Chinese are not living in the mega-cities such as Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong. They are still in the country and their children are in schools now trying to keep the onward march of China’s economy going forward. No doubt, there are tremendous problems and issues China has to overcome, but there are also amazing possibilities.

Recently, Jiangxi University’s business school celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The celebratory program was produced entirely by the student body and it was amazing. These are primarily business students, however when they put together their program it was mind boggling seeing the different performances they produced. I will have pictures up over the next few days.

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