Lingyin Temple – Temple of Soul’s Retreat

Okay, I’ve been away for a few days. I decided to travel to West Lake located in Hangzhou, north of Nanchang. West Lake is a prime vacation spot for Chinese Nationals (and some foreigners). It is a beautiful, romantic place – somewhere to take your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, etc. There are many things to do and see around the lake, which is very large. The only thing I can compare it o would be Central Park in New York – but 10 times larger and much more beautiful. The scenery is right out of a Chinese movie.

Not far form West Lake is Lingyin Temple, one of the 10 most important Buddhist Temples in China, also known as the Temple of Soul’s Retreat. It is recognized as a premier place for the study of Chinese Buddhist culture. The Temple is situated in a park which houses other structures and historical sites. As you walk through the park you can walk up the side of the mountain where it is located to the top where there is a Buddhist Monastery and Tea House. From the Monastery you can see West Lake in the distance – fantasically beautiful. The scenery is exactly like the scenery from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. There are tall bamboo trees that swayed in the wind. So peaceful and majestic. Here are some photos of the temple, the Monastery and the Tea House.

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