I’m sure this is a question some may have when they see the title of this blog. The routes (pronounced roots), of Africa can be found anywhere one looks across our planet. I have had the opportunity to travel to six countries on the African continent, Guyana in South America, and a brief visit to China. Hence the word Routes, which also signifies roots.

Also – as we begin this journey there are some things that will need clarification, such as the name African. The continent was named Africa after al-Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan al-Fasi, also known as Joannes Leo Africanus. Due to the scholarly works produced by Leo Africanus, particularly “A Geographicle Historie of Africa”, Europeans named the continent after him. That was how Black people became known as Africans. In reality the entire planet at one time was called Asia, but more about that later.

So for my journey, for now – as it evolves, I use the name African Routes.

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